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Energy Solutions is a general trading and contracting company that predominantly deals in various equipment and technologies used in the industrial market. Energy Solutions is a qualified and approved Contractor for Electrical Installations, testing, and Maintenance. We are specialized in executing high quality and expert services related to High Voltage Cable Jointing and Termination, Testing and Commissioning of Substations, Power Plants, Desalination Stations, Solar Energy, Transformer Oil Protection Equipment, including Maintenance and Trouble-shooting.

Our qualified employees are engaged to satisfy our Customers’ requirements. Quality is the guiding principle of corporate policy. We continuously improve and modernize our results in rising automation levels and enhanced quality. Attention is paid to environmentally friendly materials used and work processes applied. For our Customers, we have thought about the smallest detail.

With our solid records and experience, we are constantly looking to supply advanced technologies which ensure our Clients retain their competitive position. Energy Solutions will spare no effort to provide state-of-the-art technologies to our valued Customers, one of our main objectives and principles is serving our Clients and letting their business grow.

The system performance and sequence of operations are thoroughly proven and itemized documented with approved test procedures. Energy Solutions Company aims to assist its Clients in maintaining their equipment at optimal performance level and is well known as a reliable partner.

Full attention to the conditions of competition in the busy world of modern technologies requires rapid movement, creativity, awareness, and development to achieve the desired goals, enabling our Customers to use tomorrow’s technology today. Only science sows the seed of success.

We provide excellent and sustainable services with competent and reliable partners in Germany, Austria, KSA, Korea, and worldwide. Energy Solutions believes in economic freedom because freedom enhances creativity and promotes progress. We are focussed on meeting our Customers’ trust in all sectors. Trouble-free base load operation means low maintenance costs and longer inspection intervals.

Our social commitment. We are passionate about advanced technologies and the world we live in for a better society and future.


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