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Automatic Transformer Online Drying and Moisture Supervision


As we all know, Transformers are the backbone of every production facility and most cost-intensive components. They are the key equipment for electric power generation, transmission and distribution. Main transformers however, are considered as the most critical equipment, because of the large quantity of oil in contact with high voltage elements. Consequently any failure or damage of Transformers are reason for unplanned shutdowns and huge financial losses. A one-year research in 2016 led to the discovery of 730 transformer explosions in the USA only.

In particular, a fire of an oil-cooled transformer that contains several thousand litres of combustible insulating oil can result in severe damage to nearby power plant structural components such as concrete walls and damage or destroy electrical components such as nearby transformers, bus work and circuit breakers.

Water causes transformers to become a risk, as it reduces the die-electric strength of the transformer fluid and the solid insulation. To sustain operational reliability, it is therefore of paramount importance to remove the water from the insulation.

Modern Transformer Technology developments are now moving into new regions, creating both, positive environmental impacts and significant protection. Of paramount importance is the fact, that this technology strictly considers the environmental aspects, and will be laid down in an European Standard Guideline, scheduled for 2022. The Protection Units will fully comply with any such requirements, binding for all transformers in the European Community, and very likely world-wide.

Furthermore, it is emphasized that the Innovative & Environmentallyfriendly Technology is well positioned in Europe and the Western World, fully certified applicable to new and old transformers. The realization of this Technology would open up a variety of chances, making countries to a cleaner place in terms of a drastic reduction of industrial oil waste.

Companies keep transformers in operation for as long as possible. Many of the transformers in operation today are between 35 and 40 years old, some in Germany even 50 years and more. Transformers require best possible maintenance, as the risk of electrical insulation faults rises with increasing age and poor maintenance.

Best policy is the Prevention of Damages - Online Moisture Management helps preventing Transformer Accidents.

Solar Technology - a powerful solution


The conversion principle - light to heat your benefit - constant power makes you independent and is environmentally-friendly.

Did you know that the sun delivers enough power in only 3 hours to cover the annual energy demand of the entire planet? However, only a part of the sun’s rays can be used for energy production. This part of sun’s radiation is used in solar panels and parabolic mirrors.

Solar energy is a renewable energy source that can be used to produce both heat and electricity, and will play a key role in reducing CO2 emissions from existing fossil power plants. To continuously and reliably deliver energy to our society we need a variety of energy sources.

The already dominant role of solar energy is expected to increase dramatically world-wide in the coming years. The solar energy we use is inexhaustible and can be made available on small as well as large scales and in different configurations. The right solution for every case. The importance of Solar Energy as the only effective and environmentally - friendly energy alternative has been recognized in Kuwait and world-wide.

In supplying society with energy, a balance must be struck between three key parameters: competitiveness, security of supply and environmental aspects. This energy triangle illustrates the significant advantages of solar technologies.

Technical and economical developments will permanently improve the competitiveness. Solar energy generation will significantly cut operating costs by integrating renewable energy into the energy mix.

The close cooperation with prestigious partners has led to Energy Solutions dynamically development in the field of solar energy applications. Energy Solutions shapes the future with innovative products that serve mankind and protect the environment. We want you to be more that satisfied - we want our Customers to be excited. Let the sun do the work!


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