Chairman's Message

Chairman's Message

Dr. Eyad A S Al Saleh

Chairman of Energy Solutions

Energy Solutions is privileged to maintain the loyalty of its customers, which is the cornerstone of our expansion plans. In the last few months, Energy Solutions has implemented profound, sustainable, and environmentally friendly developments directed to providing more excellent value of services to our Customers. This includes Solar Energy, Transformer Oil Processing and Protection Equipment, Substation Installations, Testing Services, High Voltage Cable Jointing, and Power Plant Technology.

In addition, we have developed numerous state-of-the-art services proven to satisfy our customers and expand Energy Solutions horizons to meet the highest quality standards. Moreover, we have launched effective communication services to communicate directly with our well-trained experts, foremost of which is safety, Customer care, and perfection of work. These efforts make us proud of our professional workforce. At the same time puts us in the position to act professionally to be in full readiness to deal with future technologies today. I would like to reiterate my thanks and appreciation to the Executive Management of the Company and all its employees inside and outside Kuwait. We are always at your service, and we hope you will have a pleasant experience with Energy Solutions as a committed partner.

Customer satisfaction is an excellent indicator of our success and distinction in the past and today. Looking at the results of our work is one of our main objectives and principles in serving our Customers. Much credit needs to be given to all those Clients who participated in different projects. Combined achievements that’s the way you get something done. A technology of quality and customer care is not our destination but our way of life.

Full attention to the conditions in a fast-changing market requires rapid movement, creativity, and development to achieve the desired goals. In conclusion, Energy Solutions will spare effort to provide state-of-the-art facilities to our valued customers regarding our services that guarantee their satisfaction, economic growth, and door opening to continuously partake in global business and networks.

Building bridges is a task generally associated with engineers. But for me, building bridges meant helping bridge the gap between nations and different company cultures. A big thank you goes to all our Customers for their constructive assistance, and I always value their opinion. Kuwait has undergone significant changes in recent years, and it has occurred at breakneck speed, mainly in modern management, advanced technologies, and leadership.

Leadership is the opportunity to give, not just to get, to inspire an organization rather than control it, create value rather than extract it. True leadership is about having the purpose and passion for making a positive difference, both in and out of the workplace. Energy Solutions looks at a proud past, an active present, and a promising future.

God is in charge of the future. The present is ours


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