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The BAUR testing and measurement technology prevents damage to networks and systems, allows for accurate planning of investments for maintenance and locates faults as precisely and quickly as possible. For the reliability of your networks and systems. Cable fault location Cable testing and diagnostics pertaining to the reliability of cable systems dielectric insulation testing.

BAUR customers include power plant companies, mains operators and public utility companies, as well as industrial and service companies around the world.


Südkabel is a trusted name in the field of Power Transmission and Distribution, even at high-level temperatures. Boasting a century-old tradition of quality products and services and with the up-to date production technology to boot. It is able to supply cables, accessories and cable systems for energy projects; especially for those providing total package solutions.

Südkabel has been a pioneer in its field of expertise and continues to redefine its brand in terms of reliability and product integrity. Newer names may come up, but those who value product excellence will name Südkabel as a benchmark for choosing cables.


The company was founded over 30 years ago in a small town in Austria where we set out to develop compact test sets for testing protection and measurement devices in utilities.

From a small group of dedicated engineers, the company has grown into an international company with 24 offices world wide.

Although our product range and the possible areas of application have increased, some elements have remained constant.

Our working life revolves around energy – through energy, dedication and the creative minds of the team Omicron is able to provide you with products, solutions and services that allow your electrical power system to run smoothly, safely and efficiently.


SONEL was established in June 1994. The company's founders were electrical engineers - people with a good knowledge of the market needs for specialized test equipment. In 1998 company's name and legal status changed and as a result, SONEL S.A. was established.

Currently the company operates within the Świdnica Sub-Zone of the Wałbrzych Special Economic Zone.

The company debuted on the Warsaw Stock Exchange in June 2008.

SONEL S.A. is a Polish manufacturer of high-quality measuring instruments for the power generation and telecommunications sectors.


Manufacturer of Oil Impregnation Plant, Process Reactors, Transformer Oil Filter, Vacuum Pressure Impregnation, Epoxy Mixing Cum Casting Plant, Transformer Evacuation System, Industrial Agitator, Oil Filtration Plant


Our premium products “Made in Germany” are of the highest quality standards. When developing our analytical systems, we focus on absolute precision and best analytical performance, coupled with a long life – cycle and ease to use. We think economically: more effectiveness, higher performance, satisfied customers. With the MobileGC we offer the world only portable gas chromatograph for gas analysis according to ASTM D3612 and IEC 60567.


Saudi Cable Company (SCC) provides world-class cable products, services and complete turnkey solutions for energy and telecoms networks globally.

From design and engineering to manufacturing; from installation and testing to commissioning, our commitment to quality and people has made us one of the Top-10 producers of power and telecommunication products in the world today.


Light Efficient Design, located in Cary, IL, launched our LED light bulb business in 2008, under the ownership of Tim Taylor, a seasoned professional with decades of electrical distribution experience. The company was built upon the strident effort to lead the industry with innovative screw-in LED retrofit manufacturing. Company values include distributor and ESCO relationship loyalty, product quality and innovation. Light Efficient Design is renowned for service excellence.

Our signature product, the screw-in high power LED retrofit for HID fixtures, catapulted us ahead in the market, providing rapid growth and significant recognition on Inc. Magazine and Crain’s Chicago Business ‘Fastest Growing Companies’ lists for several consecutive years. Subsequently, our product line exploded and now includes pin-base retrofits, retrofit kits, fixtures and various specialty solutions.


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