QHSE Policies

Quality, Health, Safety & Environment Policies (QHSE)

A pioneering spirit and the will to achieve those are qualities that drive our history of success. In addition, superior quality, comprehensive service, and careful project management are what define us and what underlines our long-standing partnerships with energy providers and the electrical industry.

The Fundamental Site Safety Rules represent minimum working standards observed in all operations. The safety rules neither Quality, Health, Safety & Environment Policies (QHSE) restrict nor relieve us from developing additional practices or procedures in compliance with the fundamental safety rules to improve safety, health, protection of the environment and personnel. Instead, the fundamental safety rules seek to promote continuous improvement of working conditions at the site.

Our common ultimate goal is the elimination of losses in all activities involving people, equipment, material, and in addition protection of the environment. We shall seek to effectively control all hazards and reduce the risk to all personnel to a zero-incident level. Stay alert at all times, watch for risky situations, and prevent accidents or injuries before they occur. More than protection is guardianship.

To achieve these targets, we shall continuously improve our existing safety rules according to policy, national and international safety standards, monitoring, and auditing systems that contribute to safe working conditions during erection, testing, and commissioning phases.

Energy Solutions has established a group-wide practice of setting and maintaining the highest possible QHSE Standards while giving equal value to other business objectives without compromise.

The group’s mandate to exceed the needs and expectations of the Customers, employees, and stakeholders, requirements and continually improve the effectiveness of the Health, Safety, and Environment Management System is achieved by

  • Complying strictly with all legally mandatory and internationally accepted work practices for the protection and promotion of health, safety, and environment
  • Defining clear strategic and operational goals and objectives
  • Providing and maintaining a healthy and safe workplace as well as protecting the environment at all times
  • Communicating and monitoring compliance with the group ethics and practices
  • Providing competent workforce and suitable resources
  • Performing frequent audits to ensure that the QHSE policy is effectively implemented within the group organization
  • Regular performance measurements, analysis, and inductions
  • Continuously upgrading

Energy Solutions recognizes that QHSE performance is the responsibility of everyone and with line management accountability and workers participation. It ensures effective implementation and permanent improvement of the system. Safety and quality are not targets - they are our way of life!


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