General Manager Message

General Manager Message

Mohammed Al Saleh

General Manager of Energy Solutions

Experience the difference - professional expertise of the highest voltage level. Our innovative journey meets the growing demand of Customers.

Energy Solutions is a general trading and contracting company specialized in executing high quality and expert services related to High Voltage Cable Jointing and Termination, Testing and Commissioning of Substations, Power Plants, Desalination Stations, Solar Energy, Transformer Oil Processing, and Protection Equipment, including Maintenance and Trouble-shooting.

Our primary focus - then and now - is on every one of our Customers' requirements. Whether as a pioneer in installations or as the developer of testing techniques, it is only through dialogue with the Customer that we can succeed in bringing to market the innovations that have impacted energy transmission and distribution so decisively. And we will continue to focus on developing even better solutions. We use the latest techniques like computerized testing systems to achieve this. Energy Solutions knows that quality can only be manufactured and cannot be achieved by controls or inspections.

Maintaining and improving our knowledge and scientific know-how are essential parts of Energy Solutions company culture. The drive to innovate is one of our traditions. Our company is a pioneering specialist for high voltage cable, accessory installations, and testing in the Middle East. Our teams continually look for new materials and assembly processes that promise better utility, efficiency, and safety. We work hard to improve our user and environmentally-friendly solutions, which meet all our Customers’ requirements. Full attention to the conditions of competition in the busy world of modern technologies requires rapid movement, creativity, awareness, and quality development to use tomorrow’s technology today.

Quality as the guiding principle of corporate policy. Excellency and responsibility sow the seed of success. As innovation and quality-oriented company, Energy Solutions is passionate about advanced technologies and a world living in for a better society and future.

Energy Solutions Company Team has earned laurels by timely commissioning and handing over for some of the high-profile projects in Kuwait and the world. Customers’ satisfaction is an excellent and positive indicator of our quality-oriented business strategy. Energy Solutions believes in partnership as well as in quality and durability, now and in the future. Early beginning means winning.

Energy Solutions trademark is quality. We think global and act local, and we never sacrifice safety or quality for time, safety, and quality payback. Albert Einstein famously wrote, “....everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler. So be realistic, let’s do the impossible.”


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