General Manager Message

General Manager Message

Mohammed Al Saleh

General Manager of Energy Solutions

Initiatives are the life blood of each undertaking. Market changes must be considered to ensure stable business continuity and higher growth potential in a fast changing energy market. Energy Solutions shape the future with innovative products and services that serve mankind and protect the environment. Improving our knowledge and scientific know-how are important parts of EnergySolutions company culture. The drive to innovate is one of our traditions.

To diversify energy resources and embrace green energy across the region, means powering Kuwait into a New Energy Generation. The coming decade signals a new era for the region’s rapidly changing energy utility sector. We work hard to improve our user and environmentally-friendly solutions, solutions that meet all our Customers’ requirements. Full attention to the conditions of competition in the busy world of modern technologies requires rapid movement, creativity, awareness and quality development in order to use tomorrow’s technology today.

Our primary focus is on the individual requirements of every one of our Customers. Whether as a pioneer in installations or as developer of testing techniques. It is only through dialogue with the Customer that we can succeed in bringing to market the innovations that have impacted energy transmission and distribution so decisively. To achieve this, we use the very latest techniques like computerized testing systems. We hope that you join us on this journey of shared growth and prosperity.

In supplying the society with energy, a balance must be struck between three key parameters: com-petitiveness, security of supply and environmental aspects. This energy triangle illustrates the significant advantages of renewable energies. Technical and economical developments will permanently improve our competitiveness. Solar power generation will significantly cut operating costs by integrating renewable energy into the energy mix. Renewable energy does not just offer countries across the Middle East the opportunity to reduce the reliance on hydrocarbons, but also an opportunity to diversify their economies by creating new industries and job opportunities for local people.

Energy Solutions Company Team has earned laurels by timely commissioning and handing over for some of the high profile projects in Kuwait and in the world. Global Customers’ satisfaction is an excellent and positive indicator of our quality-oriented business strategy. Energy Solutions believe in partnership as well as in quality and durability, now and in the future.

We are not only passionate about advanced technologies, but also about a world living in for a better society and building a greener future by reducing carbon emissions. We have to rethink how we deal with our energy resources, how we shape our built environment. Let Energy Solutions Company guide you to a better tomorrow. Your Gateway to Success!


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